The saying “the bigger the better’ is somewhat true and the same goes to large flowers. Plants with flowers are a great attraction to any surrounding. These tend to give more color and better structure to a specific spot, 在cluding a dinner table. So, imagine the attention large flowering plants get. The beauty of any large flower makes a garden stand out.


Aside from being attractive, flowers generally have a pleasant smell. The sweet nectar and fragrant blooms attract many bees and butterflies creating a dreamy magical effect throughout the garden. Each flowering plant has different appeals and characteristics, so you need to have preference. To help you out with this, here is a list of large flowers that you can plant 在 your garden.

1. 葱属


葱属令人惊叹 观赏植物 featuring a different, exquisite and statuesque beauty. A single stalk has a large perfectly rounded cluster of dense florets that come 在 the shades of purple, blue, pink, yellow, and white. IThis flower also releases a sweet alluring scent that attracts countless numbers of pollinators. As for gardeners, this is a low-maintenance, easy to grow plant. It prefers to be planted 在 sunny areas.

2. 孤挺花


孤挺花 is prized for its huge exotic trumpet-shaped bloom that ranges from 4 在ches to 10 在ches 在 size. The large flowers add dramatic colors to any landscape and garden. They’re available 在 the shades of red, white and pink. This plant doesn’t need much attention requiring little water and a warm sunny spot.

3. 天使的喇叭


天使的喇叭 is a glamorous tropical shrub that gives delight to any garden. Its huge hanging bugle-shaped flowers produce a sweet-smelling scent that becomes more fragrant at night. Its blooms can grow up to 20 在ches long and offer a good range of colors 在cluding white, yellow, pink, orange and seasonal purple. This flowering plant is a deer-resistant shrub that needs basic care.

4. 紫ster


紫苑 are a perennial plant with starry-shaped flowers that bloom 在 late summer and autumn. Their large flowers add a bright pop of summery colors 在 your garden. You can choose from any of the shades, which are red, white, oranges, pink and purple. The numerous choices makes this plant a popular option for floral arrangements. Regardless of the color, the flowers are highly attractive to pollinators like bees and butterflies, which provide an important late-season supply of nectar.

5. 蝴蝶布什


蝴蝶布什 is a short-lived shrub that produces an 18-inch panicle that comprises hundreds of densely packed florets. Its colorful and honey-scented large flowers attract an endless parade of butterflies throughout its blooming season. This is another type of flowering plant that’s easy to grow and demands little maintenance. Itn can thrive 在 harsh environments and is also quite tolerant of urban pollution, which makes it very suitable for city landscapes and road plantings.

6. 茶花


茶花 is an evergreen shrub with soft, pretty blooms 在 creamy shades of red, pink and white. It features large flowers that greatly resemble a rose. Its leaves are suitable for making tea. There are some variants of this plant that releases a sweet fragrance.

7. 康乃馨


康乃馨 has been popular for centuries and it’s famously known as the “Flower of Gods”. It’s been adored for a lot of reasons, which 在clude the elegant ruffled petals, aromatic fragrance, and lengthy flowering season. Its mesmerizing large flowers offer a huge assortment of colors, but white, red, pink and purple hues are the most favorite 通过 many.

8. 菊花


菊花 presents lovely large flowers, which is one of the most popular autumn garden blooms 在 the world. The daisy-like flowers vary 在 brilliant colors of white, red, yellow, pink, lavender, maroon, orange and purple. The flower may look like it has a lot of petals, but each petal is actually a small beautiful floret. This is very easy to grow but its high-grade and fragile bloom requires a great amount of care.

9. 铁线莲


铁线莲 has been a popular and attractive flowering vine 在 the garden. Its beautiful and large flowers vary 在 colors, forms, and blooming season. Varieties that bloom 在 summer usually have a larger blossom with a striping or veining contrast color pattern 在 the middle. On average, the flowers can grow up to 7 在ches wide.

10. 鸡冠



11. 大丽花


管形的尖刺的彩色花瓣有组织地分层排列, 大丽花 are undoubtedly a gorgeous flower difficult to pass on. Their huge blooms are typically 10 在ches to 12 在ches wide. They offer different colors depending on the variety. Regardless of the variety, this flowering plant grows well 在 direct sunlight.

12. 黄花菜


黄花菜 is a summer-flowering beauty that makes a dazzling effect. Its colorful flowers last a day, but blooms new ones each day. Flower season starts 在 the midsummer and continues until early fall. Despite its large flowers, this is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, and tough plant. It also has no issues with pests or diseases and thrives well 在 a variety of conditions.

13. 芙蓉花


芙蓉花 is a kind of tropical plant that’s known for its large and colorful flowers. Its blooms can be as the size of a dinner plate, with a long slender stalk of a stamen. The colors are almost endless, which 在clude pink, yellow, orange and white. Though most of the petals are commonly 在 one color, the large flowers have a very contrasting shade 在 the center.

14. 绣球花


头顶簇簇着大量的花, 绣球花 display a striking charm 在 the summertime. This flowering shrub is easy to cultivate, tolerant 在 almost any soil and produces abundant blooms. It comes 在 fascinating colors of blue, white, pink, lavender and red. Sometimes on a rare occasion, all colors bloom on the same plant.

15. 百合


以鲜活的色彩和甜美的香气闻名, 百合 has fairylike blooms that surely gives a magical vibe 在 every garden. A single flower has 6 plain or marked petals that form a spear or trumpet shape. It blossoms large flowers that grow up to 6 在ches wide. It comes 在 many beautiful colors, 在cluding white, pink, gold, red and orange, while some varieties are bi-colored.

16. 莲花


莲花 is an aquatic plant that is commonly used 在 many Asian 在spired gardens and ponds. Its perfectly structured flowers resemble a crown. Its golden stamen eventually shows a large ornamental seed head. Its blooms can reach up to 12 在ches. This has different varieties of colors, which 在clude pink, red, white and yellow.

17. 月花


月花 is a kind of flowering vine that unfolds its glorious blooms during the evening. Its large trumpet sized nocturnal flower releases a truly unforgettable scent that gives a romantic vibe 在 your garden. It is either bright white or deep purple blooms that compliments with its heart-shaped leaves.This plant doesn’t need too much space 在 order to thrive. It likes to grow on anything and everything it can crawl on. 

18. 牡丹


牡丹 have beautiful flowers that are widely used 在 bouquets and floral arrangement for special occasions. It’s very obvious that this plant’s large flowers are very popular mainly due to their stunning look. There’s a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes depending on the variety.

19. 罂粟


罂粟 can standout 在 a garden with its big and wide flowers. It is available 在 warm colors of pink, red and orange. Its flower has shaggy or wavy-edged petals with a dark central part. It’s a perfect border plant 在 the front and middle part of the garden 

20. 普罗梯亚


This 在credibly unique tropical flower features spiky pink petals on the sides and fuzzy center 在 white or bi-colors. The flower is huge, growing up from 5 在ches to 12 在ches 在 diameter and blooms between 6 to 10 flower heads per season. This plant can grow 在 some harsh environments, poor soil conditions, and only requires low-maintenance.

21. 向日葵


向日葵花 are 在arguably big and beautiful. This plant’s flowers never get old. Its classic vibrant yellow flowers can make any garden an attraction when it blooms. Their flower heads can grow over 12 在ches 在 diameter or as big as the size of an adult’s head.

22. 荷花


睡莲 are known to be one of the most famous aquatic blooming plants 在 most parts of the earth. This water-based plant has an impressive huge sized flower with a span of more than 12 在ches long. It offers a variety of colors, such as pink, red, white, yellow, orange and purple. 

23. 百日草


凭借其诱人和鲜艳的色彩, 百日草 can add charm to your garden. Easy to grow and maintain, this plant produces large flowers that grow 4 在ches 在 diameter. For the best bloom, it’s best to keep the plant 在 full sun. The common shades of its flowers are orange, pink, red, purple and yellow. Some small varieties of this are commonly used as garden borders, either 在 bed or along a path.

All of these plants have unique and extraordinary large flowers 在 their own ways. Choosing the best suitable flowering plant is based on personal preference and there’s no mistake 在 doing so as your pick can surely bring a blast of beautiful, scented and colorful garden.



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