Frost tolerant vegetable plants love to grow 在 cold winter temperatures. They tend to be sweeter and more delicious compared to their counterparts planted 在 the hot sun. Some vegetables can even survive the entire winter season with or without extra protection.

If you are planning to plant this certain kind of vegetables, prepare your garden for the coming cold season. Here are some of the best frost tolerant vegetable plants you can sustainably grow 在 your garden and watch them thrive on a cold fall or winter day.

1. 西兰花


西兰花充满营养,非常美味。这也是 容易种蔬菜 在一个冰冻的花园里。这是一种喜欢冷的植物,在26至31华氏度(-3至-5摄氏度)中生长最佳。


2. 卷心菜


白菜 通常在春季播种,以供夏季收获,但它们也是耐霜冻蔬菜植物。这是一种素食植物,可以在45华氏度或7摄氏度的温度下在寒冷的寒冷天气中生存。与霜接触时,其风味趋于改善,使其更甜,更鲜。而且,在寒冷季节减少害虫的可能性更大。

There are varieties of cabbage that are more tolerant and can survive throughout winter even if it’s left unprotected 在 the field. Regardless of what you choose, it’s best to plant this vegetable 在 late summer so it can mature 在 fall and can be harvested 在 winter.

3. 胡萝卜


胡萝卜s are one of the popular frost tolerant vegetable plants that can be grown all year round. The cold weather triggers the roots to produce more sugar which ironically acts as a natural antifreeze from the low temperature. The leaf tops can tolerate up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit or -8 degrees Celsius, while the roots can withstand even a much colder temperature. 您可以 植物胡萝卜种子 夏末直接在花园里,让他们有时间在深秋生长。然后,您可以在整个冬季稳定收获新鲜的胡萝卜。

4. 散叶甘兰


散叶甘兰 are a member of the mustard family. This leaf vegetable is sometimes called the tree cabbage because there is a similarity 在 taste with the cabbage. This is one of the most fast-growing, cold-hardy or frost tolerant vegetable plants that can withstand up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius).



5. 羽衣甘蓝



您可以 植物卡尔斯 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost of fall and let them mature 在 the cold weather. Harvest of leaves is ready after they have grown 在 a considerable size, and as a cut-and-come-again type of plant, the more leaves you get, the more growths are produced.



Included 在 this list of frost tolerant vegetable plants is kohlrabi. It looks very similar to a root vegetable plant, but the bulb is actually the swollen stem of the plant. This plant doesn’t like hot summer temperatures,so it prefers cool chilling weather and even light frost. Frost makes the vegetable more delicious and sweeter ideal for salads or cooked dishes.

can be green or purple 在 color. Its taste is very similar to a mild turnip. It is very ideal to plant this 6 to 7 weeks before the first frost. 您可以 have the first harvest within a few weeks or once it reaches 2 to 3 在ches 在 diameter. 您可以 use covers, frames or other protection against hard freeze.

7. 韭菜


Leek is remarkably adaptable to cold weather. Thus, one of the great frost tolerant vegetable plants to sow 在 a garden. This belongs to the family of onions, chives, and shallots, which are all similarly known as easy-to-grow and low maintenance vegetables.

There’s also a tendency for leeks to become sweeter and tastier after frost. Although the majority of the varieties are cold tolerant, the much darker green and blue-green varieties are most likely to survive harsh winter temperatures of 0 degree Fahrenheit (-8 degrees Celsius). 您可以 plant leeks 在 an outdoor garden 在 late fall and 通过 winter it can be harvested.

8. 生菜


生菜 是一种营养丰富的蔬菜植物,通常用于沙拉和大多数人最喜欢的冬季食品。这种绿叶绿色的品种很多,其中大多数可以承受寒冷的寒冷天气。未成熟的生菜植物通常比成熟的植物更耐寒,因此建议在成熟的植物上放一个框架,尤其是在发生硬性冷冻时。生长的生菜植物可以忍受10华氏度(-12摄氏度)到0华氏度(-18摄氏度)的室外温度。

9. 防风草


欧洲防风草也是极佳的耐霜冻蔬菜植物之一,通常在任何季节都可以食用。与胡萝卜类似,它在秋天的第一场霜冻中产生更多的糖分,并在整个冬季继续在地下生长。它可以承受0华氏度(– 18摄氏度)的高温,但是当发生严酷的冰冻天气时,透明的塑料袋可以提供一些保护。春季开始种植防风草,因为防风草最多需要130天才能成熟,因此您可以在整个冬季收获新鲜农产品。

10. 萝卜


萝卜最多 除了萝卜以外,被称为不可思议的速生作物。尽管冬萝卜是一种生长缓慢的蔬菜,但与其他品种相比,它看起来更大,多汁且美观。它的营养成分也更强大,味道更纯净,有时更甜。作为耐霜冻的蔬菜植物之一,它可以承受约26华氏度(-3摄氏度)的温度。由于寒冷的天气,其叶子可能遭受霜冻灼伤,但根部本身仍处于良好状态。您可以在夏末种植冬萝卜,同时给其腾出时间来收获冬收。

11. 菠菜


菠菜 是沙拉的主要吸引力。这种坚韧的小植物是一种耐寒植物,可以承受高达20华氏度(-7摄氏度)的低温。尽管叶子可以在严冬条件下死亡,但随着春天的临近,新叶子开始从植物中出现。如果您想在冬天种植它们作为色拉,还可以放一些行盖或冷框作为保护。在最后一次霜冻前6周直接种在花园里,一两个月后即可收割。

12. 瑞士甜菜


Swiss chard is a healthy leafy vegetable that is known for its hardiness and cold-tolerance for up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 degrees Celsius) without protection. This vegetable is closely related to beets but it doesn’t produce an edible ball of root. It has a milder taste than spinach with almost identical when it comes to their green leaves.

In addition, this plant comes 在 a variety of colors from white to red, but the green and white chards are more cold-tolerant compared to others. 您可以 plant this leafy green 40 days before the first frost of fall and harvest the leaves when it becomes fully mature. It can survive the whole winter season and produce new leaves 在 spring.

13. 芜菁


寒冷的天气触发 萝卜 产生更多的天然糖,同时降低其辛辣味。它是一种易于生长的耐寒蔬菜植物,在寒冷季节可以享用。它最高可承受10华氏度(-12摄氏度)的温度,并能承受轻霜。还建议在冬天严酷时加一些保护,例如框架或塑料覆盖物。在秋天第一次霜冻之前2个月开始播种。直径达到2到3英寸时,应该准备收获时间。

Whichever of these frost tolerant vegetable plants you decide to grow 在 your garden be sure to follow the 在structions on the packets. Although considered as “winter plants”, it does not mean that they can all survive on any level of temperature. Also, it is important to note the perfect planting time and length of its maturity to ensure a successful growth and production.



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